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 Over four billion videos are viewed each day on YouTube. So, ready or not, your videos need to be able to socialize. In today’s digitally connected world, context is as crucial as content. Making sure that your videos are designed for social media has become a must. The old days of mailing out hundreds of VHS tapes are long gone. Videos are now the number one consumed form of media on the internet—and mobile video views are set to become the dominant form of mobile communication. Media Productions understands this. We know how your content is going to be used, forwarded, shared, retweeted, rated, and reviewed, so we bake this inevitability into our production process. We know that video content needs to be “social ready” and in many cases we plan ahead to build “sociable” versions of your video content specifically intended for this purpose. Most of the companies are developing or have established a social media presence. Any smart social media plan allows for inclusion of all video content. Media Productions acts as a social media content partner, looking ahead at the various channels through which your videos will be viewed. We understand these new channels and their nuances. Many factors must be taken into consideration when creating video initiatives: • Length of video • Pace • Digitization compatibility • Platform compatibility • Searchablity/discovery • Brand value • Hosting platforms • Shareability • Relevance/timeliness • Meme value Run of the mill video production companies do not have the experience or knowledge to provide this discipline, and in most cases we see clients requiring the help of an additional social media video partner – adding more costs and unnecessary complexity to their production. Media Productions is your communications partner. We understand emerging digital communication platforms and how they work. Our team of writers, producers, technologists, editors, and artists live and breathe in the social media world. Our team will ensure that your production gains the most possible traction on your own web properties as well as today’s leading digital platforms: • • YouTube • LinkedIn • Google+ • Yahoo • Hulu • AOL • Online Trade Publishers • Mainstream Publishers Media Productions will create custom crafted social media videos for all of your engagements and partner with you on the deployment and measurement for each channel. Your video initiatives must be ready for today’s digitally connected world. Looking to make social media video content? Media Productions is at the ready to make sure it’s done right. Contact us at 722 512073 or visit our